Pinctada's Adventure In Nature began some years back when Susan Serena Frost was fortunate to visit the South Sea Pearl growing regions of both Broome in Australia and Manihi in Tahiti. There she was introduced to the exceptionally large South Sea Pearls grown by the magnificent wild pearl oysters the Pinctada maxima and Pinctada margaritifera.

Susan established and trademarked Pinctada Pearls, specializing in South Sea Pearls, and through innovative branding and high profile appearances at select international social functions, Pinctada Pearls has found considerable success with both private and retail sales.

Susan believes that pearls should reflect the individual and be as uniquely beautiful as the woman who wears them. Susan's expert knowledge of pearl grading allows her always to select only the best pearls to create unique pieces for her discerning clientele.

The pearl is considered the world's first gem. South Sea Pearls are known as the "Queen of Gems" and are widely regarded are the finest pearls in the world, characterized by their exceptional size, high lustre and purity of colour.
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